Stage 1 – February 1st to end of June 2021

Preparatory construction takes place to create the new Generals Lane Roundabout, the reconfigured Generals Farm Roundabout, the widening of Drovers Way, the construction of a new northbound on-slip road onto the A12 and modifications to the existing southbound A12 on and off-slip roads.  The works will include upgrades to drainage.

Stage 2 – end of June to early/mid October 2021

Completion of Stage 1 works, where revised Traffic Management arrangements will be in place. Work will take place in relation to the new parapet on the A12, part of the cycle upgrade to the Boreham Interchange and on the reconfiguration of the Drovers Way Roundabout.

Stage 3 – early/mid October 2021 to end of November 2021

The new A12 northbound on-slip will be operational, with a gyratory arrangement in operation at the Generals Lane Roundabout whilst works are completed.
In this stage the Civils works will be largely completed.

Stage 4 – end of November 2021 to end of January 2022

In this stage, the Phase 1 works will be completed, and it will include for night-time operations to complete the road surfacing and lane markings, with the new signals becoming operational.