Boreham Capacity Improvements
Scheme Background

The Boreham Interchange works are being upgraded for the consented Beaulieu development (reference: 09/01314/EIA) and provide the connection to the new Link Road (Radial Distributor Road (RDR)), which becomes the new A131 (signed route to Stansted Airport) allowing the existing A130 to be downgraded. It also provides access to the planned new station, for which the Chancellor confirmed the HIF funding before Christmas 2019. The objective is for the Station to open in 2024/2025 with the RDR/Boreham Interchange providing the access.

Here is an illustrative plan of the works:

Here is what the works involve:

For Current Road Users

  • A new fully signalised Generals Lane Roundabout is constructed, which includes for a new arm for the Link Road (RDR) which is scheduled to commence construction in the Autumn of 2021
  • The Generals Farm Roundabout will be fully signalised with a cut-through lane from the A12 southbound on-slip for traffic travelling towards Chelmsford and the A130/A131
  • The Drovers Way Roundabout will be partially signalised, with signals on the A12 northbound off-slip.

These improvements have been designed to provide capacity for the development coming forward and for traffic growth, as well as traffic movements to and from the planned new station.

Access to the RDR and Planned New Station

The Interchange has been designed to accommodate the new Link Road (RDR), this will become the new A131 allowing Colchester Road and White Hart Lane to be downgraded to local roads, taking traffic from White Hart Lane.

These works are to be delivered by the end of 2022, with the timelines shown below:

Pedestrian and Cycle Users

  • Improve the footway/cycleway that runs on the south side of the interchange which forms the route to Chelmsford.
  • Provide an improved route along the north side of the interchange to allow residents of Boreham to walk and cycle to the new station. The strategy is shown below.
  • These routes are shown below, including where the crossings are being improved.